Szkoły Doktorskie Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi:
Międzynarodowa Szkoła Doktorska Szkoła Doktorska Medycyny Molekularnej

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Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine

The Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine responds to the challenges of modern medicine, which is to identify and understand the mechanisms underlying diseases and to design effective molecular therapeutic strategies using physical, chemical, biological or bioinformatic methods. By educating young science enthusiasts, the Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine shapes their careers, opens new perspectives and brings ideas for professional and personal development based on 25 years of tradition and experience.

prof. Jakub Fichna MD, PhD
Director of the Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine

Meet Medical University of Lodz

We educate students
in the state-of-the-art Medical Simulation Centre, unique laboratory facilities and superbly equipped lecture halls and classrooms
We provide health care
in top-standard, multiprofile hospital
We conduct scientific research
test new technologies and implement innovative solutions in cooperation with business partners
We operationalise programmes for local communities
the youth, seniors, Lodz residents

the Medical
of Lodz

Clinical and Didactic Base

Modern campus for students, patients and researchers alike

Consolidated clinical base: 3 powerful clinical centres

Highly-specialised health care services

International university

900 students at the studies in English

37 international projects currently implemented

Core Partner in European Consortium of EIT Health



Interdisciplinary research

Access to modern laboratory facilities

Dynamic university – business cooperation

Programmes and contests for PhD students

Key projects

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The second stage of the construction of Clinical and Didactic Centre Medical University of Lodz with the Academic Oncology Centre

It’s a strategic investment in health protection to adjust the services to the new needs of a rapidly developing social structure.

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Research, Development, Innovation in Lodz Biomedicine and Pharmacy Campus within the framework of I.1. RPO

The project aim is to create the facilities to test organisational and technological innovations, and to design clinical research, which will contribute to R&D commercialisation increase by 20%.

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ECOUMED programme has been created to implement pro-ecological policy of our universi-ty sustainable development. As the largest medical university in Poland, University of Lodz has taken on the challenge to build the university model on the basis of sustainable manage-ment of construction investments as well as promotion of environmental attitudes and behav-iour.

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The Project implemented within the framework of Regional Operational Programme (ROP) for Łódzkie 2014-2020, Research, Development and Knowledge commercialisation, Development of research infrastructure and innovation Construction of modern research and development laboratories in order to commercialise R&D activities of Medical University of Lodz.

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EIT Health

The mission of EIT Health, which was established as a knowledge and innovation community (KIC), is to support entrepreneurship and innovation development in the area of healthy lifestyle and active ageing but also to search for new potentials and suitable resources to improve the quality of life in Europe.

The consortium is composed of partners from 14 European countries: leading, world-class organisations from the world of education, research and health service delivery. Medical University of Lodz has been a Core Partner of EIT Health since 2018.

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MUL in facts and figures


cross-national projects of a total of over € 1,6 million


Polish national research grants of total value of 46 mln PLN


ESIF projects of total value of 10 mln EUR


applications for research projects implementation and research activities submitted to National Science Centre (NCN) and 210 agreements signed


million PLN for research projects in basic research and research activities granted to NCN contest winners


million PLN for NCN projects equipment